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Ritchie Roesch posted his Five Tips for Fall Foliage Photography with Fujifilm X Cameras, which has excellent advice for capturing the fall colours. I especially liked his recommendations on which film simulations to use.

I live in New Jersey, just south of the “New England” states, and we do get some beautiful colours. I have many fall foliage images taken in various nearby locations around my area over the years, but I haven’t explored other New Jersey locations. Also, over the last few years, it seems that fall colour is coming later in the year and last just a few weeks.

As for lenses, I have only the Fujinon 16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR but even looking back at my Nikon images, I shot my fall images mostly at short focal lengths. I don’t do macro photography often enough to justify the cost of a macro lens. Do you have any suggestions for extension tubes for the Fujinon?

Perhaps the best light is “ when the sun is behind the tree”, but that may be possible, because even “when the sun is low to the horizon”, it is blocked by a mountain range. In the past, I have captured most of my fall images from river beds or the edge of lakes, but I am open to finding locations to try new perspectives.

Except for Hacklebarney State Park, the best fall foliage locations in New Jersey are either at the far north-west (2-hour drive) of far north-east (3-4 hours drive) sections of the state and require extensive hiking to get to the views. Someday I’ll get to those distant locations. This fall, I hope to at least photograph on the Rock Brook or take my first hike through Hacklebarney State Park.

One new thing I want to try is a new Hoya 77mm Red Intensifier Glass Filter that I bought last year. It’s a ‘didymium’ filter that claims to enhance red, orange and brown subjects to give more colour saturation and contrast. I think it would probably pop fall colours when used with the Velvia film simulation.

komorebi — Apple iPhone 7 + iPhone 7 back camera 3.99mm f/1.8 — 25 September 2019

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