<span class='p-name'>Virtual Homebrew Website Club Meetup</span>

Virtual Homebrew Website Club Meetup

Attending Virtual Homebrew Website Club Meetup on December 13, 2017
Join some like-minded people in building and updating your personal website.
I’m attending “Virtual Homebrew Website Club Meetup on December 13, 2017”
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<span class='p-name'>Cyber Secure Your Life!</span>

Cyber Secure Your Life!

Attending Cyber Secure Your Business!
Are you interested in learning how to make your business the most secure it can be?
On November 28th, along with Joshua Stone, owner of Digital Doc, I will be presenting on cyber-security. The event is hosted by the Montgomery Business Association. Josh Stone will be providing tips on online safety and privacy from a consumer perspective and I will be focused on guidance on integrating cybersecurity practices for home and business, how to identify and prioritize cybersecurity actions, and how to manage cyber risk. More information can be found on the ShopLocal Montgomery events page.

When: Tuesday November 28th, 7 PM
Where: Princeton Fitness & Wellness Center, 1225 State Rd, Princeton, New Jersey 08540
Who: Khürt Williams (Monkey Hill) and Joshua Stone (Digital Doc).

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