Read Snacks made with recycled ingredients? Tyson thinks they’re worth a bet by Snacks made with recycled ingredients? tonyagarcianew 100Tonya Garcia (MarketWatch)
Tyson provides chicken breast trim that is combined with vegetable purée, taken from juicing, or spent grain from beer brewing at Molson Coors Brewing Co. to make Yappah’s flavors, which include Chicken IPA White Cheddar and Chicken - Shandy Beer. A Michelin-starred chef, Kang Kuan, was also enlisted for his culinary expertise.
I just ordered a six pack of IPA WHITE CHEDDAR and SHANDY BEER FLAVORED crisps from the Yappah Foods Indiegogo page.

Read Cellular Agriculture Company Mosa Meat Raises $8.8 Million to Bring Lab-Grown Meat to Market by Slaughter Free Meat avatar user 73 1521580926 170x170Kat Smith (LIVEKINDLY)
What is clean meat? In 2013, Mosa Meat created the world’s first slaughter-free burger grown from cow cells in a sterile environment. By launching its clean meat burger on a commercial level, the company hopes to supply the growing global population with a “real” option that is more environmentally sustainable, less resource-intensive, healthier, and kinder to animals than a traditional beef burger. Mossa Meat estimates that clean meat production will use 99 percent less land and 96 percent less water than animal-raised meat, making it a sustainable solution to feed the future.
Mosa Meat, a Netherlands-based food tech company has raised $8.8 million in funding that will allow the company to launch its clean meat beef burgers to market by 2021.

I can’t wait for this product to be sold in my supermarket, mostly because it has implications for vegans and vegetarians who chose their diet based on ethical arguments. I would be able to eat this meat product and be on the same supposedly moral high ground as every single member of PETA. The arguments that humans should not be killing animals for food or that raising animals for meat is wasteful and harmful to the environment become moot. Consumers will have options that are animal free.

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Adobe Systems Inc., the maker of popular digital design programs for creatives, is planning to launch the full version of its Photoshop app for Apple Inc.’s iPad as part of a new strategy to make its products compatible across multiple devices and boost subscription sales.
Woot! Finally.

I’ve developed a decent workflow for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom mobile for my iPad Pro and iPhone 7. But doing certain things (e.g. panoramas ) has been a challenge because of the lack of a proper version of Photoshop for iOS.

When I compute, I want to use any device I own. I use the same email apps (AirMail) on iPhone, iPad and Mac. The same note taking app (Byword) on iPhone, iPad and Mac. The same calendar app on iPhone, iPad and Mac. The same news reader, Reeder, across that device. And so forth.

I use the Lightroom mobile app to capture all my mobile images, make minor edits for immediate use (e.g. posting to my blog) and social sharing. Lightroom mobile sync my originals and edits to Adobe’s cloud and then back to my Lightroom desktop. I not using it as a replacement for the desktop. The goal is to complement. Not replace.

Mobile images tend to be noisy in low light conditions and the iPhone lens has minor barrel distortion for landscape images. I created a develop preset in the desktop version of Lightroom for correcting this but there is no easy way to use this develop preset on the iOS version. But I found a useful workaround but I would appreciate any effort Adobe can make to this easier.

I’m pretty good at holding my iPhone 6 steady while taking photos but long exposure and HDR require that the camera remains stationary. A few years ago this year I bought a small Manfrotto tripod that I use to use with my iPhone. It’s part of my minimal mobile photography kit.

I want to do the same with Lightroom and Photoshop. When I travel or commute to work, carrying around a ton of camera equipment isn’t something I want to do. Mobile cameras are getting better all the time and can take some excellent street and landscape images if one puts in the effort. I had posted some recent images I shot with Adobe Lightroom on iPhone and edited on iPhone and one I capture on the iPhone but had to post-process in Photoshop for Mac. Imagine being able to do some of this on an iPad or iPhone.