Exquisite Boredom and the Long Walk (Craig Mod)

Wim Wenders, in “Written in the West” — his most excellent book of photographic research for his film, Paris, Texas — writes:

Solitude and taking photographs are connected in an important way. If you aren’t alone, you can never acquire this way of seeing, this complete immersion in what you see, no longer needing to interpret, just looking.

Topaz Labs created JPEG to RAW AI to help solve a problem that they believe many people have. Let's say you were sent a JPG file, but it was highly compressed, and you want to edit it. Under normal circumstances, you couldn't edit the photo too much. But after running it through JPEG to RAW AI you have much more potential for editing.

Interesting. I think I’ll try the JPEF to RAW AI software. I have a bunch of 3MP images I shot on a Sony point-and-shoot before I bought my first DSLR (2006). Maybe JPEFG to RAW AI can improve those JPEG images.