I tried to keep my unborn child secret from Facebook and Google by James Temperton (WIRED UK)

This lack of control, when you pause to think about it, is alarming. Short of throwing off the shackles of modern life and taking up a nomadic existence on the Great Steppe, keeping anything secret from the internet – or exercising any real control over how your personal data is used and abused – is nigh on impossible. For Brockell and the thousands of other people dealing with the loss of a child, that lack of control is hugely upsetting. For others, attempting to exert control over what happens to your data reveals the impossibility of our privacy predicament.

This statement, “Police the social media use of anyone who knows about the pregnancy and might inadvertently post about it”, borders on harassment and controlling other people’s free speech. Even in the age before computers and the Internet, a wise person would tell you “A secret once told is no longer a secret”.

Also, I think 100% of these articles confuse and conflate anonyminity with privacy.

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