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June 19th, 2011 – I hate it!

June 19th, 2011   I hate it!, 20110619 NIKON D40 0342 920x611

I hate that you think diabetes is all about sugar and if I just avoided it, everything would be fine. I hate it that you think insulin is a cure. I hate it that you think it’??s ok that I attend a late afternoon social event where the only thing available to eat is ice cream, pretzels and other carbohydrate laden foods and the only thing to drink is high-fructose corn syrup drinks or water. I hate it that you think I can “just take extra insulin”? or that you have some wonderful great idea on how to managed that neither myself nor my doctor has considered. I hate it that you think my diabetes situation is just like your uncle or aunt who eats anything they like. I hate it but really, I?’m afraid.  I’m afraid that there are way too may ignorant people like you, who just don’t get it.