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July 14th, 2011 - Moshulu

I was out on the Spirit of Philadelphia today with some friends from the office. We were invited to attend an IT Symposia featuring several vendors in the information security space. Before and after meeting and talking with various vendor sales agents, we had a chance to sit out on the deck while sipping chilled drinks. The view is spectacular.

As we pulled back into the dock, I noticed this ship which was also a restaurant name Moshulu. It's the largest wooden ship I've ever seen. Once home, I found out about its exciting history.

The ship was built in 1904 by William Hamilton & Co. in the Port of Glasgow, Scotland. It was initially named Kurt after Dr Kurt Siemers, director-general and president of the shipping company G. H. J. Siemers & Co. Just after the outbreak of World War I in 1917, the ship which had sailed to Oregon in command of the captain W. Tönissen was confiscated by the U.S. Navy and renamed the Dreadnought ("one who fears nothing").

Because there was already a sailing ship in the United States of America registered with that name Edith Wilson, First Lady of the United States and wife of President Woodrow Wilson., renamed her Moshulu, which means “One who Fears Nothing” in the Seneca language.

Author: Khürt Williams

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