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John Saddington says Goodbye to Twitter

I simply do not have the emotional, psychological, and physical bandwidth to manage Twitter. I take everything at face value and I take everything really personally. It’s just how I am and Twitter is unhealthy for someone like me. I’ve been coping with Twitter for years and it’s time to pull the plug.Twitter: Goodbye, I Quit - John Saddington

Wow! I'm in awe of John for doing this. I've considered doing the same. Not with Twitter. But Facebook. I just seem to get too emotionally entangled in what happens on Facebook. I end up feeling hurt. Emotionally. For the last few week's I've avoided it. But I have not quit ... yet. The closet I've come to abandoning Facebook was last year when I suspended my account for a week. Nothing bad happened. I wasn't missed. The world did not end. Am I brave enough to do it again? Permanently!

Author: Khürt Williams

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2 thoughts on “John Saddington says Goodbye to Twitter”

  1. Ed Velez says:

    I went on hiatus for a month on FB but I am back on but this time I have a short list of folks I am following. I didnt unfriend anyone, just took them off my feed and turned off notifications. If I want to see whats going on with them I can either IM them in FB or just pull up their feed once in a while. Totally off Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. Those no longer have value. Besides, spending 3 hours on my laptop reading nonsense when I could be drinking beer or wine was very non-productive

    1. Khürt says:


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