Jetpack Publicize connections, Sharing buttons, and Post Kinds plugin

When I enable the “Publicize connections” and “Sharing button” feature of JetPack and use a Response Kinds, the Summary/Quote does not display.

With “Automatically share your posts to social networks” or “Add sharing buttons to your posts” enabled.

Expected behaviour



Version: 4.9.8

Active Theme

Name: Organic Photographer Child
Version: 3.4.1535590434
Author: Organic Themes
Author website:
Parent theme: Organic Photographer
Supported theme features: post-formats, woocommerce, automatic-feed-links, title-tag, customize-selective-refresh-widgets, post-thumbnails, menus, html5, custom-header, custom-background, wc-product-gallery-zoom, wc-product-gallery-lightbox, wc-product-gallery-slider, jetpack-portfolio, editor-style, widgets

Other themes (30)

Indieweb Twenty Sixteen Child (indieweb-twenty-sixteen-child): Version by Indieweb WordPress Outreach, the WordPress team
Indieweb Twenty Sixteen (indieweb-twenty-sixteen): Version 1.0.0 by Indieweb WordPress Outreach, the WordPress team
Organic Adventure (organic-adventure): Version 3.0.2 by Organic Themes
Organic Block (organic-block): Version 1.0.7 by Organic Themes
Organic Bold Child (organic-bold-child): Version 4.3.1539021967 by Organic Themes
Organic Bold (organic-bold): Version 4.3 by Organic Themes
Organic Business (organic-business): Version 3.3 by Organic Themes
Organic Collective (organic-collective): Version 2.4.1 by Organic Themes
Organic Color (organic-color): Version 1.1 by Organic Themes
Organic Connect (organic-connect): Version 1.5.4 by Organic Themes
Organic Entertainer (organic-entertainer): Version 1.2.3 by Organic Themes
Organic Horizon (organic-horizon): Version 1.0.2 by Organic Themes
Organic Luxury (organic-luxury): Version 1.4.3 by Organic Themes
Organic Magazine (organic-magazine): Version 4.7.3 by Organic Themes
Organic Min (organic-min): Version 1.0.3 by Organic Themes
Organic Natural (organic-natural): Version 4.6.1 by Organic Themes
Organic Origin (organic-origin): Version 2.2.4 by Organic Themes
Organic Photographer (organic-photographer): Version 3.4 by Organic Themes
Organic Portfolio (organic-portfolio): Version 6.2.4 by Organic Themes
Organic Profile (organic-profile): Version 3.0.2 by Organic Themes
Organic Purpose (organic-purpose): Version 2.3 by Organic Themes
Organic Reservation (organic-reservation): Version 1.2.2 by Organic Themes
Organic Seed (organic-seed): Version 2.9.1 by Organic Themes
Organic Showcase (organic-showcase): Version 3.4.5 by Organic Themes
Organic Sideways (organic-sideways): Version 1.1.1 by Organic Themes
Organic Structure (organic-structure): Version 4.3 by Organic Themes
Organic Swell (organic-swell): Version 1.6 by Organic Themes
Organic Tasteful (organic-tasteful): Version 1.0.3 by Organic Themes
Organic Vital (organic-vital): Version 1.3.6 by Organic Themes
Twenty Seventeen (twentyseventeen): Version 1.7 by the WordPress team

Active Plugins (34)

  • Akismet Anti-Spam Version 4.0.8 by Automattic
  • Aperture Version 1.0.2 by Aaron Parecki
  • Auto Post Scheduler Version 1.80 by Super Blog Me
  • Bridgy Version 1.4.2 by David Shanske
  • Child Theme Configurator Version by Lilaea Media
  • Custom Simple Rss Version 1.8.1 by Danny(Danikoo) Haggag
  • Exifography Version 1.3.1 by kristarella
  • FSM Custom Featured Image Caption Version 1.17 by Fesomia
  • Health Check & Troubleshooting Version 1.2.1 by The community
  • IndieAuth Version 3.1.9 by IndieWebCamp WordPress Outreach Club
  • IndieWeb Version 3.3.10 by IndieWebCamp WordPress Outreach Club
  • Instant Images Version 3.2.1 by Darren Cooney
  • Jetpack by Version 6.6.1 by Automattic
  • Keyring Version 1.9 by Beau Lebens
  • Keyring Social Importers Version 1.8 by Beau Lebens
  • MF2 Feed Version 2.0.0 by Matthias Pfefferle
  • Micropub Version 1.4.3 by Ryan Barrett
  • Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions Version 4.6.3 by CAGE Web Design | Rolf van Gelder, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • Post Kinds Version 3.1.1 by David Shanske
  • Redirect 404 Error Page to Homepage Version 1.0 by
  • Schedule Posts Calendar Version 5.2 by Greg Ross
  • Semantic-Linkbacks Version 3.9.1 by Matthias Pfefferle
  • Server Info Version 2.5 by Usman Ali Qureshi
  • Simple Links Version 4.4.7 by Mat Lipe
  • Simple Location Version 3.3.8 by David Shanske
  • Syndication Links Version 3.4.1 by David Shanske
  • TablePress Version 1.9.1 by Tobias Bäthge
  • Theme Check Version 20160523.1 by Otto42, pross
  • VaultPress Version 1.9.6 by Automattic
  • Webmention Version 3.8.5 by Matthias Pfefferle
  • WordPress Editorial Calendar Version 3.7.1 by Colin Vernon, Justin Evans, Joachim Kudish, Mary Vogt, and Zack Grossbart
  • WordPress SEO For Image Version 1.1.4 by naa986
  • WP-DBManager Version 2.79.1 by Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan
  • WP Security Audit Log Version 3.2.4 by WP White Security


Author: Khürt

nemophilist | philomath | casual photographer | human being

0 thoughts on “Jetpack Publicize connections, Sharing buttons, and Post Kinds plugin”

  1. Don’t you think you have too many themes, and probably, plugins too ?
    Also, on my experience, writing an email to Jetpack support usually ends up in having a(n useful) from someone in the team with help in 3/4 days.
    Did you try that ?

    1. It’s just one theme active. The other theme are just there. Removing them fixes nothing.
      I have been tyring to get it to work with IndieWeb for … ages. I tried switching themes to an IndieWeb theme but my content looked like shit. Switched back but then found that one of the IndieWeb plugins had issuse so … staying with the theme and trying to decide whether IndieWeb stuff is worth it.

        1. When you WP_DEBUG_LOG and WP_DEBUG are enabled, WordPress saves all error information to the debug.log file in the wp-content directory. However, note the words “error information “. If there are no errors then …. one can’t find the problem.
          When WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY and WP_DEBUG are enabled, WordPress displays error and warning messages on WEB pages. This means ALL messages are displayed. This is not information one wants a hacker to see.

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