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I've added some basic support for webmentions to my Jekyll-powered site using and this Jekyll plugin. If any of my posts are mentioned elsewhere and my site receives a webmention, it's displayed below the post content.

This seems so convoluted. Run Jekyll (or another static site generator) because dynamic platforms like WordPress are slow and bloated. But ... now the website can't support comments or Webmentions. So hook the site into a silo like Disqus or But wait now your website is dependent on a third-party.

Doesn't it seem like we should be 100% independent?

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  1. @khurt Just in case you're looking for additional input... My two favorite things about Hugo: One, It's a single binary with no dependencies and two, it is fast as hell.

  2. @khurt I’m feeling with you. Want to add web mentions as well. But for this I need an active part on the web again. Completely against the idea of using Jekyll in the first place.

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