I agree, even though I’m using Jekyll myself (with Netlify so I don’t have to copy things to a server every time) for my linkblog. I am no where close to even the 800 posts he’s got, let alone your 4000. I do think that if I get to that point I’ll just move to WP, coz it’s so much simpler to manage posts on there.

On the other hand, my main frustration with WP (and Jekyll for that matter) is that 99% of my older posts will never change, so why display them dynamically? They should be built into HTML, cached, and forgotten.

I do have heavy caching on one of my WP sites, but not for my personal blog. I wish WP had this static HTML functionality built into its core. That would be the perfect combo and the killer blog, frankly. What do you think about that? What do you use for older posts? Do you W3Cache them?