January 3, 2011 - Reader

After I completed my graduate degree from the University of Michigan I took a job working for one of the car companies near Detroit. I spent most of my weekends at the bookstore and I would read two or three novels during the week either curled up in bed or at a café.

I moved back to the east coast where I was married and started a family. My reading habits changed. I had less time to spend hours reading books. I found myself reading fewer books but more magazines. I read these mostly while sipping on a latte at a local café.

When the Web and blogging exploded my reading habits changed again. I found that I read fewer magazines and started reading most of my content on the web. But I missed the experience of reading while sipping on a hot cup of joe.

My iPad has changed my read that habits again. While my kids are taking martial arts classes, I’ll slip away to the café next door and grad a small latte. I’ll sit and catch up on the news for the day or read a few chapters from one of several books I downloaded from

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