January 1, 2011 - Heaven

I’m participating in a 365 group photography project with the PHOTO-FUSION meetup. This is not my first 365 photography project. I attempted a 365 project last year using just my iPhone 4. However, that effort fizzled as I lost the motivation. I think I have a better chance of completing the new project. Watching what others are doing may motivate and inspire me to get out and shoot even during the winter — the part of the year I like the least.

I love my IPad and iPhone. The iPhone has a 5MP camera that takes excellent photos in good lighting. There are hundreds of photos app in the app store for minor edits or filtering effects.

The iPad has become part of my portable photo editing workflow. Sometimes after taking some shots around town, I’ll stop in at a coffee shop. While sipping a latte I use the iPad camera connection kit to download images to my iPad and delete the losers or make adjustments with one of the many installed photography apps.

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