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his is one of several images I took during the recent Trey Ratcliff photo walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. As expected the turnout was huge. I'm not going at assessing crowd sizes but I think there must have been over 200 photographers at the event.

This is 3 exposure HDR (-2/0/+2) shot on my Nikon D5100 with a Tokina 12-24mm f/4 AT-X Pro DX-II (rented) and a 0.9 (3 stop) ND filter. The images were imported into Adobe Lightroom and then combined in Photomatix Pro using an export preset. I applied the natural preset in Photomatix Pro then imported the resultant image back into Adobe Lightroom for further processing.

The 35mm lens equivalent is 18-36mm f/6. The image was shot at 12mm f/8 (18mm f/11), ISO 100.

The following Adobe Lightroom adjustments were made to the HDR image.

  • Exposure set to +0.60 to brighten the image
  • Contrast to +11 to pull out more of the cloud details
  • Set highlights to -100 to reduce blown out areas.
  • Increase shadow to 75 and white clipping to 1
  • Set black clipping to 54
  • Set blue to 51
  • Set clarity to 33

There were some cranes that could be seen near the tops of some of the buildings. I didn't like these, so I imported a copy of the image (with Lightroom adjustments) into Adobe Photoshop and used content aware fill and clone stamping tools to remove them. The resultant image was imported back into Adobe Lightroom.

I then imported a copy of the image (with Lightroom adjustments) into Nik Color Efex Pro and applied the Reflector Efex preset with the setting of Gold for the method with a light intensity of 33%.

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