It's not evenly distributed

I've used and I must say .. I am blown away. On an a MacBook ( suppots Ubuntu Linux, OS X, and AppleTV at this time ), with supplied Apple remote this thing easily gives TiVo a run for the money. With Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu support, these guys are definitely onto something.

Have you read about how TiVo and Netflix are teaming up? Soon, you will be able to stream your Netflix Instant queue directly to your TiVo. Makes me wonder why I even need the cable part of my cable. Give me a broadband connections ( 10 Mb/s or more ), Boxee and a TiVo and ... Blu-ray shmu-ray. Why do I want that? Netflix is truly becoming net flicks and the innovation engine of open source is driving companies like Apple and Sony to work harder at getting our dollars.

In an earlier blog post about how I thought that devices like AppleTV, TiVo and video iPods was going. I did not get it quite right, being an Apple fan boy, I couldn't see past Cupertino. But I do think that if TiVo and Netflix should merge and build a business model around broadband video on demand. How many of you would be willing to pay $25 a month to watch an HD or DVD quality movie whenever you want? Give me the ability to move that video to my iPod Touch or iPhone and you've got me solid.

Author: Khürt Williams

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2 thoughts on “It's not evenly distributed”

  1. I've been doing some research on this idea (i.e., getting rid of cable altogether) for a post that I want to put up on my blog.

    Have you been able to take advantage of the Netflix/TiVO partnership and toss your cable subscription?

    1. Chris,
      When it works it works very well. When it fails, it fails ( network
      bandwidth issues ), the user experience is frustrating. My TiVo is
      connected to my network wirelessly (802.11g) and when the network is
      being used by others in the home the TiVo stops frequently to buffer
      content. I have not had good results with HD content. My wife gave
      up on watching past seasons of 30 Rock and is getting the DVDs from
      Netflix. I think what is required to make this truly viable is high
      speed broadband and the computer and TiVo must be connected to your
      home network via wired Ethernet.

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