Isolation Photo Project, Day 17

By on April 8th, 2020 in Photography

Since last year, after falling in his home and one too many concussions, my father-in-law has lived nearby in long term care and physical rehabilitation facility.

The state of emergency directive around COVID-19 has meant that his facility is on lockdown and he has had no family visits since that time, although we’ve managed to keep up via FaceTime. We were all concerned about his health because of his age, (we celebrated his 84th birthday on 27th December), and some chronic lung health issues.

Yesterday we learned that he had come down with pneumonia and some of the early symptoms of COVID-19. Last night, we individually (four separate family groups), stood outside the first-floor bedroom window of the isolation wing. We were able to wave to him and chat briefly from outside the building through a closed window. We hoped for the best.

This is not a pleasant post to write. This morning my father-in-law succumbed to his symptoms and passed away. Alone.

My wife, her sisters, and her brother got to see him one last time. But my mother-in-law, we didn’t want to risk her being infected, she learned about her husband’s death just moments ago. From her children.

I can only imagine how much pain they are all in right now.

We’ve lost three fathers in the last year. My father passed away on 7th April 2019. My wife’s brother-in-law lost his dad several months after that. Another close family member lost his father while planning for his wedding late last year. And now, this. Too much death.

Life feels like a big bag of hot rocks right now.

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