Inflating the numbers

Counting registered users instead of daily active users tells us nothing about the popularity of the service. Think of the millions of people who’ve registered for Google+ but never use it. Second, given the huge popularity of Google search, Gmail, and YouTube, it’s actually surprising that so few people who have registered for Google+ are using those more popular services on a daily basis — only 60 percent. After all, remember that a lot of Google+ users accidentally became Google+ users only because they were already attached to another Google service.

( via Venture Beat )

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  1. +Lynette Young ,I'm using both platforms. I get more responses to my original content and comments on Google+ than I ever do on Facebook. I think the key is to use each platform to it's strengths.

  2. Most people aren't even aware that Google + exists let alone know how to navigate it. Facebook is a known and everyone, even my 82 year old mom, uses it. But it did take 10+ years for it to take off.

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