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Inflating the numbers

Counting registered users instead of daily active users tells us nothing about the popularity of the service. Think of the millions of people who’ve registered for Google+ but never use it. Second, given the huge popularity of Google search, Gmail, and YouTube, it’s actually surprising that so few people who have registered for Google+ are using those more popular services on a daily basis — only 60 percent. After all, remember that a lot of Google+ users accidentally became Google+ users only because they were already attached to another Google service.

( via Venture Beat )

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3 Comments on “Inflating the numbers

  1. +Lynette Young ,I'm using both platforms. I get more responses to my original content and comments on Google+ than I ever do on Facebook. I think the key is to use each platform to it's strengths.

  2. No one is saying you all need to use it….. Facebook is still wide open.

  3. Most people aren't even aware that Google + exists let alone know how to navigate it. Facebook is a known and everyone, even my 82 year old mom, uses it. But it did take 10+ years for it to take off.

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