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I've been thinking some more about the idea of a required reading page. by Colin Walker (Social Thoughts) Could the things held here be placed on an About page? Possibly - it depends what they are. If they are links to your own posts then almost certainly. External links? Maybe, maybe not.

So, wh...

Via a click on a link on the discover page on, I stumbled upon Chris Aldrich's blog. The blog wall chock full of interesting things to read including Chris' recent posts about the IndieWeb. It was a term I had never known before. What is the IndieWeb? Here's what I learned.

Your content is yours

When you post something on the web, it should belong to you, not a corporation. Too many companies have gone out of business and lost all of their users’ data. By joining the IndieWeb, your content stays yours and in your control.

You are better connected

Your articles and status messages can go to all services, not just one, allowing you to engage with everyone. Even replies and likes on other services can come back to your site so they’re all in one place.

You are in control

You can post anything you want, in any format you want, with no one monitoring you. In addition, you share simple readable links such as These links are permanent and will always work.@c

This weblog, Island in the Net, has been in existing for a while. If we count a few false starts with Google's Blogger service, then I could say I started blogging much earlier than that. But my journey as a consistent blogger started with the purchase of my first domain blog in 2005. I guess I have been part of the IndieWeb for a long time and didn't even know it.

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  • Khürt Williams
    31st December 2018 at 7:00 AM

    Hello, I'm Khürt Williams. I am a husband, father, information security professional, former autodidact web developer, avid amateur photographer, and geek. I'm also a aficionado of craft ale and coffee. This weblog is where I share my incoherent and random thoughts and rants about technology and photography geekery, coffee, craft ale, diabetes, and life.Island in the Net has been in existence in one form or another since 2001, but my journey as a consistent blogger started with the purchase of my first domain in 2003. This web site uses modern IndieWeb technologies and principles and accepts comments via Webmention and traditional comment forms.I use this website as my primary hub for online presence and communication. You’re welcome to subscribe to or consume the site in any manner or on any platform you prefer, including RSS.Find me on Instagram and Twitter.What am I doing now?

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