I've not figured out the "why" of using micro.blog. Despite the name, micro.blog also supports long form posts. I'm already using WordPress for that so for me, micro.blog is more of an alternative to Twitter. But ... I also useTwitter but with more diversity in the stream (micro.blog seems to attract mostly software/developer nerds and writers).

I've been thinking about this and perhaps I just need a way to use WordPress to push/pull short form posts to twitter?

As for weaving Micro.blog and WordPress together (which is what I am trying to do) ...

You can post to WordPress directly from the iOS app for Micro.blog. Tap Settings inside the app and choose “WordPress or compatible weblog”. Next time you start a new post, Micro.blog will prompt to enter your WordPress URL and credentials. Setting up WordPress

Take a look at what Chris Aldrich is doing on his WordPress site.