I use this, what do you use?

By on January 30th, 2008 in General

My contact in Italy, Nicola Losito, sent me a note about a web site called iusethis that I had almost forgotten about. After registering at the site ( it supports OpenID, Yeah!! ) you can create a list of the applications you use on your mac.  Ok... great...but why? I'll let them tell you.

You can store the apps you use on iusethis, so it's easy to download them again if you get a new computer. You will also be able to help others pick the best apps, and we can suggest new apps to you based on your profile..

So that's what I'll use it for.  Add enough applications and the site generates a tag cloud for all your applications. Since WordPress.com does not support JavaScript I was not able to use the widget code iusethis provided so this screen shot will have to do.


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