I think I am going to cry.

I think I am going to cry. What is going on? All of a sudden ( or maybe not ) openness appears to be hip. Open Source, OpenID, OAuth, OpenSocial and DataPortability. Now Comcast has announced support for an initiative to make the cable platform open. The OpenCable Applications Platform.

...developers only have to write one version of an application, and it will work on almost every cable system in the United States as well as in other countries.

This is something I have been recently advocating for some time ..... Tears of joy.

Comcast also has worked with Panasonic to develop a “plug and play,” interactive-digital-cable-ready TV set, with tru2way technology inside. Consumers simply bring the set home from the store and plug it in to begin receiving all available interactive cable services – no set-top box is needed because it’s built into the TV. Customers also will only need one remote to be able to watch their favorite programs with Comcast’s HD and On Demand services.

Author: Khürt Williams

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