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I demand ease of use

Maybe it’s my age ( I turned 40 in November ) but I have started to feel less of a need to poke around the detailed guts of the technology I purchase. I still take the time to learn about and understand how things work but I would rather pay for a complete package that gives me the freedom to do things and do them with a minimal amount of “configuration”.

I am more concerned about how my data is handled and stored than about the actual hardware or software mechanisms in my devices. I want to be able to move my content ( either what I made or what I bought ) between systems and applications with the same ease that I move my money between banks. I do not want to invest in any technology that locks away my data in some proprietary silo.I do not want my music locked up.

I don’t care if WMA or AAC or ALE or whatever or whatever sounds better. I use MP3 because the format is portable to any platform.  I want to archive the content on my media recording devices ( whether a digital camcorder, PVR/DVR, DVD ) in a portable format. That means I should be able to move the content from my TiVo to my hard drive in MPEG4 or MPEG2.  I don’t care if TiVo wants me to buy some bloated piece of software from one of their preferred partners to burn a disc. It’s my device; piss off!

I want standard open interfaces on all my devices. For me that means, USB, IEEE 1394 (Firewire), DVI and plain old Toslink.  HDMI has DRM built into the hardware.  I want to support the open source and Linux communities but I demand ease of use.  Until I can get my mom to use it then it’s too difficult.