How to use iOS 6 camera app to take panorama photos on the iPhone

My friend Irmina recently asked me how I used my iPhone to take panorama images. She had seen me do it last year while we were out in Mercer Park on a photo walk. When Apple released iOS 6 the native Camera app was updated and a new panorama feature was added. The feature is limited to the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 and allows users to take 240-degree panoramic photos using the native iOS Camera app. Using the feature is quite straight forward as I'll show below.

Footbridge near Mercer Road and Quaker Road.

Launch the camera app and tap on the "Options" button.


Tap the panorama button.


Frame your scene and slowly start moving across your scene. By default the camera app sweeps from left to right. You can change the director on the weep by tapping the arrow. Note: You must do this before you start taking the panorama. You can also do vertical panoramas by changing the orientation of the iPhone. Vertical panoramas are great for taking photos of trees or buildings.


The circular camera icon to start taking your panorama. Move slowly and continuously in the direction of the arrow until you've capture the scene you want. If you move too quickly the camera app will display a warning. You want to move at a steady pace to prevent the photos from coming out blurry. You don't have to take a full 240-degree photo. You can stop at any time by pressing the on screen shutter button.


That's all to making panorama on the iPhone. Have fun enjoying this feature of iOS 6.


Author: Khürt Williams

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