How Google Took Over the Classroom

I'm a professor and I've been watching this disturbing trend for many years now. One very important factor that this piece leaves out......Where do all of the tech execs in Silicon Valley send their own kids? To the technology-free Waldorf School. Parents and educators should take a moment to think about why the people designing and selling these tech "tools" don't let their own children be educated in this way. These tech execs also know that any educator that relies on technology must not know much about teaching, regardless of the flotsam being taught in graduate education departments.

The big question everyone should be asking here is this: Are we educating our kids to become citizens or consumers? Based on what has been happening in the education "industry" (and make no mistake, education is big business in this country), you and your children may receive a piece of paper after jumping through a series of (increasingly facile) hoops, but this does not mean that we have anything close to an educated citizenry. The difference? Consumers follow trends without questioning. Consumers are easily manipulated. Consumers get into debt by paying for things they don't need with money they don't have. As a result, consumers keep a dysfunctional economy (which only benefits the top 10% of society) churning, often at the expense of the overall health of a society. Citizens, on the other hand, do exactly the opposite.

Which society do you want your kids to live in?Elsie

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  • Joanne Sisco
    31st May 2017 at 8:32 AM

    Great quote, and sadly so true. Technology does not teach core values like respect, integrity, hard work. Sustained interaction with real people - starting with our parents - is the basis for that education.

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