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The word history derives originally from Ancient Greek (historía), meaning inquiry or knowledge from inquiry. However the word enters middle-English as meaning "story" in general and by the mid-fifteenth century had morphed into the current definition: the branch of knowledge that deals with past events.

Ok. Wow! With the previous themes I have sometimes struggled finding things to photograph that matched the theme. But not for this one. For this weeks’ theme I was overwhelmed with choice.

I live in one of the most historical areas of the USA. The towns of New Jersey are all in some way or another involved in the War of Independence with Great Britain at the start of the American Revolution.

History, Princeton, Princeton Battlefield Park, Colonnade
The Colonnade ruin overlooks Princeton Battlefield Park.
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I live on the Somerset County1 border with Mercer2 County, just a few miles from Princeton Battlefield Park where General George Washington, our first President, and his Continental Army fought the British on their campaign to recapture New York.

History, Princeton, Battlefield Park, Local Gathering, Spirit of Princeton, Colonial Soldier, Memorial Day,
Re-enactment of Battle of Princeton at Princeton Battlefield Park., Princeton, Mercer County, New Jersey.
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A standoff ensued until Washington routed the British forces to the south [of Princeton]. With their main force now in retreat, most of the British troops in Princeton also fled, but a few did take up positions in Princeton University’s Nassau Hall for a time until flushed out by Continental Army forces.George Washington’s Mount Vernon

History, Nassau Hall, Princeton, Princeton University
In 1783, Nassau Hall served as the nation's capitol.
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In Kingston lies the re-constructed house, Rockingham (Judge John Berrien House), which served as Gen. George Washington's final military headquarters and where he wrote his Farewell Address to the Armies of the United States in 1783.

History, Rockingham, Kingston
While the Continental Congress was meeting in Princeton, Rockingham served as General George Washington\'s final Revolutionary War headquarters for over two and one-half months in 1783.
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A little further away is the aptly named Pennsylvanian town of Washington Crossing, where George Washington on a very wintry Christmas Day in 1776, with horses, guns, wagons, and soldiers, crossed the Delaware River and marched ten miles south. They arrived in Trenton, New Jersey the next day and fought and defeated Hessians mercenaries.

Where must we go …we who wander this Wasteland in search of our better selves?The First History Man from the move Mad Max

Created by photographer Frank Jansen, the Tuesday Photo Challenge is a weekly theme-based challenge for photographers of all kinds to share both new and old photography.

  1. Somerset County is named for the English county of Somerset 
  2. Mercer County is named for Continental Army Brigadier General Hugh Mercer. 

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  1. Beautiful photos of such historical sites, Khürt. I just saw the play Hamilton with it's clever lyrics and scenes depicting the events that you describe. A "must see" for everyone who has the opportunity!

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