High low! High Low! It's up and down we go!

Recently I have been noticing some odd BG behavior. Last weekend while on the way to my daughters dance recital (she's 6 and a little princess) I experienced a low of 37. I normally check my BG before and about two hours after each meal but I started to feel odd about an hour after eating. My wife was driving and I noticed that I was feeling hot and sweaty even though the car A/C was set for 60. My thinking felt fuzzy. I pulled out my glucometer (my hands had started shaking by this time ) and stared at the reading for a moment. 37. My wife must have noticed something was wrong because she said, "Everything OK?". "No", I said, I need sugar.

We scrambled around to find some hard candy. We have two young kids and yet there was no candy to be found in the car. I normally carry a backpack with my glucometer, test strips, lancets, Novolog Flexpen, flex pen needles, and BD glocose tablets. I carry the backpack everywhere. That day I decided to take the meter and leave everything home. My wife found a packet of sugar from her last trip to Dunkin' Donuts and saved the day.

This has never happened before. The previous day I had a similar experience after eating dinner. My BG was down to 49. Today, it's happening again, about two hours after lunch. BG is 85. Wait! No. It's now 100. Wait no!!

Did I take too much insulin? Not likely. I took the same amount I always take for this amount of food.

Too much fat in the meal? No more than any other meal. 11.7g. I had a Weight Watchers meal, Texas Toast and an Apple.

Lunch June 23 2007

I am tracking my insulin and BG readings on the web site and will be able to create some interesting reports that may help shed light on what's going on.

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