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We humans spend a lot of time waiting in lines: People queue up for days in order to get their hands on the latest iPhone, or what feels like eons for a table at that hip new brunch place.

You may be better off spending time and money on the latter. A growing body of research has shown that experiences tend to make people happier than material possessions.

And even anticipating an experience like a concert, a ski trip or what better be a really great brunch makes us happier than purchasing the latest gadgets, according to a study published Tuesday in Psychological Science.From you can buy happiness, if it’s an experience

I’ve “known ” this for quite some time. My best memories are of the stupid fun I had playing with my brothers in the woods near our home; climbing La Soufrierre Volcano in St. Vincent with my cousins; speedboating around the islands of Antigua and Barbuda with high school friends; catching crabs with my uncle in the early dusk of the mangrove swamps of Bequia; playing cricket on the beach with nothing but coconut branch and a tennis ball; making and sailing coconut husk sailboats in Queen Elizabeth harbor.


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