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Tuesday was National Beer Day and somehow my wine drinking wife knew this and I did not. She actually texted me to ask if I wanted her to put a beer in the fridge for when I came home from work. Of course I said yes. I was not amazed that she cared enough to ask — I have an incredible spouse — but that she knew about the day.

I didn’t have my beer that day. I was too tired to enjoy. But I had one tonight. Today was Belated National Beer Day and I celebrated with a Colette Farmhouse Ale from the Great Divide Brewing Company.

I took my inspiration for today’s 100 Day Project entry from an article on minimalist photography that I read this morning. I think the photograph would be more powerful if I had removed the bottle and kept just the bottle cap.

And oh, I give the Colette the “Drink It” rating.

The weather is supposed to be wonderful this weekend. I think I want to sit on the deck with my wife, grill some brats, and chat over a few chilled brews.

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