Google Account Creation includes Gmail and Google+

Google Account Creation includes Gmail and Google+ google account form

If you try to create a Google account from Google’s homepage, you’ll notice that Google redesigned the page, but that’s not all. You’ll now have to create a Gmail account, a Google Profile and you’ll automatically join Google+.

New Google Accounts Require Gmail and Google+ (via Google Operating System)

I don’t have an issue with these changes at Google. I already use so many Google services — Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Analytics, Photos (formerly Picasa) Google+ etc — that it only makes sense that my Google+ and my other Google account are integrated. I’m more engaged on that platform than anywhere else.  I love that Gmail now includes circles; a natural extension of Gmail filters.  I want to give priority to responding to email from my family. One click on the Family circle and I can focus on doing just that.

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Google Account Creation includes Gmail and Google+ %name

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