Good Morning

More bird photos because that is the only thing I can photograph from my kitchen window because I'm at home, sick with a cold.

Confined to my kitchen's warmth, a miserable winter cold rendering me housebound, I found comfort in the winter ballet outside my window. I watched the snowflakes descend like a delicate waterfall through the pane, dressing the world in soft white. Then, amidst the calm flurry, a splash of orange disrupted the monochrome— an American Robin, fearless against the snow. It perched, undeterred by the chill, a tiny warrior in the frost. Capturing its resilience through my lens, I felt a kinship. In its steadfast presence, I found a reflection of my quiet determination to thrive despite the season's challenges.

Author: Khürt Williams

A human who works in information security and enjoys photography, Formula 1 and craft ale.

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