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Go Blue! every Friday

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I hope fans of the University of Michigan and fellow alums don’t mind that I’ve borrowed the [Michigan Wolverines]( fan cheer. It’s diabetes awareness month and in spirit of “blue” – a blue ring is the color chosen to represent diabetes awareness – I’ll be writing a series of blog posts about diabetes and diabetes related projects.

“Go Blue!” is what the fans shout when they want to show their support and encouragement to the Wolverines. It’s says we are fighting with you. It’s what I use internally when I feel down about how diabetes has affected my health and my life. Today, and every Friday until November 14th, “Go Blue!” with your outfit to show support for people living with diabetes.

I was honored to have the privilege of contributing a few seconds of video for the Blue Friday video created by [Cherise Shockley]( and [Diabetes Social Media Advocacy](

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