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As a technophile and person with diabetes, blood glucose meters seem like products stuck in the past. Although my current glucose meter and the many others I bought throughout the years have the ability to record and download reading for the many tests I take throughout the day there has been no easy way to do so. Different meters need different cords, uploading is sometimes time-consuming, and programs are often incompatible with Macs or not very user-friendly. Glooko aims to change all that. I just ordered this cable from and I’ve downloaded the Glooko app. The cable should arrive this week and I’m excited to us it. My review to follow.

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Husband, father, Information security professional and avid photographer living at the junction of Princeton Township, Montgomery Township and Rocky Hill.

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  1. Nice! where are you guys headed? next year then….

    • We’re not going anywhere. I’m just using the time to get through my honey-do list. Kiran is hosting a party on Saturday. We were not able to celebrate her birthday because we were at a wedding that weekend.

  2. Should be fine. I’m taking vacation from the 19th through rest of the year.

  3. Hey Khurt, Turns out Jon/Anne and James/Meredith (couple of others) that we were planning to get-together are not free this weekend and I wasn’t sure about you/Bhavana, so we will reschedule this cocktail to a later Saturday (how is the rest of the year looking for you and Bhavana?)

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