France is still in the midst of protests over inequality.

Billionaires raced to pledge money to rebuild Notre Dame. Then came the backlash. (Washington Post)

For all of you posters below bemoaning a "bad reaction" to philanthropists, "it's their money", and there are billionaires in Brazil and what not.
I get it.

This article was TRYING to raise a big point, but failed to do so very miserably.

If you read French (and French news), if you even read European news in English - you would KNOW what the "backlash" was about.

It was not about a Brazilian Museum, or aid for Yemen, or even taxes on charitable donations.

The "backlash" in France specifically is about a handful of people raising $2 bln in two days. Just like that. 3 families raised $700 mln in less than 24 hrs.

France - until now - used to think of herself as a more-or-less egalitarian society. 75% tax on income etc.

Then comes a House of Jesus' Mother burning - then BAHM. 3 families donate $700 mln within 12 hrs of each other.

THIS IS what France is aghast about.

Egalitarianism is a SHAM even in France.

The French just realized it. That's what they are "backlashing" about.

I predict the Yellow Vests going truly mental any time soon - because NOW they know how much money there is in France that is denied to all of them.

While some people were "mourning" the loss of a 200-year-old religious building I could care less about, 10,000 people have died in Yemen.

Author: Khürt Williams

a human, an application security architect, avid photographer, nature lover, and formula 1 fan who drinks beer.