Billionaires raced to pledge money to rebuild Notre Dame. Then came the backlash. (Washington Post)

For all of you posters below bemoaning a "bad reaction" to philanthropists, "it's their money", and there are billionaires in Brazil and what not.
I get it.

This article was TRYING to raise a big point, but failed to do so very miserably.

If you read French (and French news), if you even read European news in English - you would KNOW what the "backlash" was about.

It was not about a Brazilian Museum, or aid for Yemen, or even taxes on charitable donations.

The "backlash" in France specifically is about a handful of people raising $2 bln in two days. Just like that. 3 families raised $700 mln in less than 24 hrs.

France - until now - used to think of herself as a more-or-less egalitarian society. 75% tax on income etc.

Then comes a House of Jesus' Mother burning - then BAHM. 3 families donate $700 mln within 12 hrs of each other.

THIS IS what France is aghast about.

Egalitarianism is a SHAM even in France.

The French just realized it. That's what they are "backlashing" about.

I predict the Yellow Vests going truly mental any time soon - because NOW they know how much money there is in France that is denied to all of them.

While some people were "mourning" the loss of a 200-year-old religious building I could care less about, 10,000 people have died in Yemen.

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