Focused On The Things That Produce The Numbers

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That last sentence is powerful. It brought back memories of some of the things I learned during my two-year experience with The Landmark Forum, The Landmark Forum in Action, The Advanced Course and The Self-Expression and Leadership Program. I learned that living an extraordinary life means being less concerned with the outcomes of my action but staying focused on being in action. Focusing too much on the results can lead to fear and uncertainty. These, in turn, can lead to inaction.

Right now I am struggling to focus on the things that produce the "numbers" in my life. I want to put in the effort that will help me be productive for my clients and hence continue to produce the results necessary to meet my financial goals. That means investing some time, effort and money into training and being focused on my client’s needs.

But I'm not talking just about financials. I want to be focused on doing the things that produce results for my family. Putting in quality time with friends and family. I want to put in the effort that will produce the results of intimacy and compassion. I want to produce the results of a successful marriage and confident resilient children.

Perhaps it's time for a Landmark Forum refresher.

Author: Khürt Williams

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