Faugh a Ballaugh!

War drums from Apple. « Graceful Flavor
The PC war is being waged on so many fronts, which, believe it or not, behooves Apple more than Microsoft. Technology outstrips the average user’s ability to understand it, which, again, falls squarely into Apple’s wheelhouse.

Pardon my dramatics, but if Apple’s field general makes the right decisions, we all we have a chance to witness a company with all the potential in the world — after many hitches and near-death experiences — finally realize it. The armies are amassing now, and only a fool can’t hear the drums.

I feel it too.  The excitement can not be contained.  Every time a friend or family member calls me to ask what they can do to make their computer work better, I answer "Get a Mac".  Recently my Uncle, who suffered under a series of "custom built" Windows beasts, took my advice and bought an iMac.  He now sees the light.  "It just works!".

"But it's expensive", other complain.  A BMW 3 is expensive compared to a Toyota Camry but the Camry won't do 0-60 in 6.12 seconds or the quarter mile in less than 15 seconds.  You get what you pay for.