Falling Water

  NIKON D5100  @ 85mm  , ISO 4500  , 1/1000s  , ƒ/5.6  on 13 May, 2017  Copyright © 2017 Khürt L. Williams 

I do almost all my photography on the weekend. It’s the only time I have to get outside into the woods at dawn and dusk.

The weather soothsayer had predicted rain for the weekend. Cold rain. All of Saturday and Sunday. The sky was gray and the weather felt more like fall than spring.

I had several ideas for this challenge. There was obvious; falling water means waterfalls. I woke up Saturday morning trying to decide if I should make the one hour drive to Kugler Woods waterfalls or stay close to home and visit the Rock Brook to get an updated photo for the monthly photo challenge.

Falling Water Falling Water NIKON D5100 20170513 1207 Edit 1200x738  NIKON D5100  @ 85mm  , ISO 6400  , 1/1250s  , ƒ/5.6  on 13 May, 2017  Copyright © 2017 Khürt L. Williams 

My daughter was performing in the pit crew for a musical, Seussical, at the high school. I dropped her off and drove over to the Rock Book to scope out the situation. The last time it rained this much, the brook was filled to the edges and we had a flash flood warning for the area. The water was gushing but I was still able to walk down to my favorite spot.

Perhaps I could capture some long exposures of the water before the brook filled up. But I had forgotten the Tokina 11-16mm f/4 lens and Hoya ND1000 filter at home. I pulled out my iPhone 7. I could use ProCam in Slow Shutter mode for long exposures. But I’d need a tripod and I had also forgotten the Manfrotto PIXI. I propped my iPhone 7 against some rocks and snapped two shots before I panicked that the rain might damage my iPhone. I was nearly soaked through when I got back to the car.

Falling Water Falling Water NIKON D5100 20170513 1201 Edit 1 1200x795  NIKON D5100  @ 85mm  , ISO 800  , 1/640s  , ƒ/1.8  on 13 May, 2017  Copyright © 2017 Khürt L. Williams 

I had some other ideas. I attempted to shoot rain drops falling and splashing off the pavement. I tried a number of shutter speeds. I stepped into the street near my home and put my Nikon D5100 on the PIXI and fired off a few shots. A few cars drove by. I must have seemed strange stooped over in the rain, getting soaked, and seemingly taking photos of the asphalt.

I experimented with shutter speed. I wasn’t sure what I wanted. Did I want to suspend water drops in the air? Did I want a blur of water drops?

Let me know what you think.

Created by photographer Frank Jansen, the Tuesday Photo Challenge is a weekly theme-based challenge for photographers of all kinds to share both new and old photography.

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Falling Water NIKON D3 D3S7474 20131207 500

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Falling Water %name

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  2. Great photos. I like the story of what photographers go through and how the passing public must perceive us getting that “perfect” capture

  3. Amazing photographs. So atmospheric. The first one in particular is stunning 🙂 Defo better than a waterfall in my humble opinion !!! 🙂


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