Entrepreneurial Profile of New Jersey

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Based on this Kauffman Foundation data, perhaps Bhavana and I should reconsider leaving the state after our children complete college. But, it is expensive to live here and it's crowded and I want somewhere warmer.

Author: Khürt Williams

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2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurial Profile of New Jersey”

  1. It's becoming harder and harder to stay... but also harder and harder to leave. It's not just job/friends/HCPs/etc but also the cost of moving, and the cost of starting somewhere else (security deposit or downpayment on a place to live, being able to afford housing, transportation, and utilities, finding your own community in places where people only interact with each other and get to know each other at their jobs or at their children's school or play events...

    1. So true. My family is scattered but my wife's family lives in our town. My kids have cousins they can hang with, uncles and aunts who can teach them things we can not, and grandparents they can have tea with on the weekend. But we are both feeling the financial pain of living in New Jersey.

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