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Driven people drive themselves to the brink as a consequence of their passion for experience and knowledge and other intrinsic motivators that are equally hard to quantify. I am intrigued and delighted when I meet other such instigators who are always in motion and cannot be stopped but for brief moments where rest is an absolute necessity.

The question that I wrestle with and have been wrestling with for years is simply this: At what cost? At what cost do I follow my pursuits with a religiosity and zeal that is blinding to most people? And what exactly am I trying to achieve? John Saddington

I think John's blog post arrived in my Reeder feed client at just the right time. Except, I'm not questioning my motivations because I'm driven toward a specific goal. I'm asking a different question. What do I want my legacy to be? Right now, I feel that I am leading an average life and I want a great life.

I don't have time -- of course not -- to reflect on this now, but I think I need to set aside sometime to think deeply about this.

Author: Khürt Williams

Gen X-er near Princeton University in Montgomery Township, New Jersey, with a passion for aquariums, terrariums, technology, and photography. I love hiking in the woods, and my eclectic musical tastes span soca, Afrobeat, calypso, 1990s rap, grunge rock, and alternative genres.

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