Doing the simple things with consistency

Since the weather hasn't been conducive to outdoor photography, I took the opportunity to learn more about the photography tools -- Adobe Photoshop mainly -- I have at my disposal.

I watched videos and read articles on luminosity masks, layers etc. I tried my hand at editing a few images using the techniques I was learning. The steps are simple. Understanding the why and the when and developing mastery is NOT.

I grew frustrated and put my mind to other things. I wanted things to be easier. I did not want to struggle with this. I've struggled with learning all my life (undiagnosed dyslexia as a child and mild ADD as an adult).

Doing stuff is not easy. Reading stuff is easy. Finding stuff to read is simple. Doing what you read is not simple because it never is. John Saddington

The words above from developer and entrepreneur, John Saddington, along with what Gregory Ciotti wrote on the benefits of consistency helped put things into perspective for me1.

My goal is to stay consistent. Do at least one simple thing daily toward improving my photography. I will work on accepting that it may be challenging. That I may have to struggle. But if I stay consistent. If I keep pushing forward and learning and growing, I will make progress toward my goals.

  1. Is it coincidence that I read both of those post on the same morning within a few hours of each other? 

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