Dogwood (Cornus florida)

Posted on Sunday, 11th May 2014 11:03 AM EDT

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Every Spring these beautiful white petals appear on trees in the woods in my neighborhood. I see them all over Montgomery Township. The white petals covering sparse green of the trees stand out in contract to all the fresh green of the other trees in the wood.

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On Saturday I stopped along Salisbury Road and pulled out my camera and tripod. I saw some white behind a thicket and ventured in to get those shots. I was a little concerned when my tripod was jammed and my shirt got snagged by some thorny shrubs. But I pushed through to get to the trees which were growing on the slope of the bank of the stream.

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These trees are dogwood. I'm not certain but I think this particular specimen is Cornus florida. It's native to eastern North America. The flower petals are larger than some of the other dogwood in the area.

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