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The Mandalorian Chapter 8: Redemption by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (boffosocko.com)

@c I enjoy the show but I am frustrated by the weekly release cycle. I much prefer binge-watching like on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Watching shows on Disney+ and Apple TV+ is like reading a book one chapter per month. I may let my monthly subscription expire and wait until the end of each season to "renew" so I can watch all at once.


  1. @khurtwilliams, I've done that same thing with HBO subscriptions in the past. Subscribe for a month and catch up a season or two of everything at once and then cancel. I find I don't do it as frequently with Netflix because they don't play the same game and there's almost always something new to watch.

    I did go out of my way to wait for The Mandalorian to be out completely before I started watching.

    I remember several years ago waiting for Breaking Bad to start its final season before I started watching. I timed it roughly so that I would be able to watch the finale day and date of its release to finish off the series.

    1. @c Now that I know what Apple and Disney are doing I will adopt the "wait for the end of the season" strategy. It does have a downside, though. I've waited for Start Trek: Discovery season 2 to end so that I can get caught up. We’re Trekkies. Live long and prosper.

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