Diabetes 365, Day 17

Diabetes 365, Day 17, originally uploaded by Khürt.As someone with diabetes I pay attention to everything that enters my mouth. Food is an important part of my life. Spontaneous eating is a thing of my past. Each and every meal is planned and each and every gram of fat, protein and carbohydrate ( especially the caarbohydrate) is measured.

2 thoughts on “Diabetes 365, Day 17”

  1. I have copies of Calorie King on my MacBook and on my wife's laptop ( she plans and cooks the meals ). I enter things before I sit down to eat. It's a lot of work but I feel more in control when I do that. Control is a big deal for me.

  2. Khurt

    It's great that you're participating in this project. What are you running calorie king on? And do you do this work before each meal, or sometimes from memory afterwards?

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