Devils Backbone Brewing Company's Trail Angel Weiss

I am in Yardley Riverview Plaza, drinking Trail Angel Weiss by Devils Backbone Brewing Company. Devils Backbone Brewing Company is a Micro Brewery in Roseland, VA. Trail Angel Weiss style is Hefeweizen, with an ABV of 4.9% and IBU of 12. I gave Trail Angel Weiss a 3 on Untappd's 5 point rating system.

Brewer's notes

Traditional Bavarian-style wheat beer is a hazy gold in color, with a lively fruity finish that has hints of clove and banana. This is the beer that started the odyssey that led to the creation of Devils Backbone Brewing Company.

Brewing award-winning craft beers in the Virginia Heartland at our two locations: 50 Northwind Lane, Lexington, VA & 200 Mosby's Run, Roseland, VA

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