"Delaware and Raritan Canal Park Trail” — 13 October 2019, Day 9 of 2019 Project 365 — Apple iPhone 11 Pro + iPhone 11 Pro back camera 1.54mm f/2.4, 1/350 sec at ISO 20

Delaware and Raritan Canal Park Trail

An opportunistic capture. We arrived on the bridge just as these rowers appeared.


  1. Honestly, I thought this was shot with your DSLR. Khürt, the sensor on the iPhone 11 Pro is a game changer! Also, GREAT composition! Did you use the Camera app or a third party app?

    1. Hi Robin, the image quality if much better than my iPhone 7 but I think my Fuji would have had even more image quality and more colour depth. The Fuji image sensor is seven times larger and it’s 24MP.

      ... phones are thin slabs, devices that are absolutely the wrong shape to be a host for high-quality camera optics. Adding camera bumps or pop-out modules only go so far at tackling that problem; they're never going to be able to collect light or zoom in or focus in the same way that long lenses in dedicated cameras can.Jason Snell

      For this outing I brought both campers but the scene was unfolding rapidly. Next weekend I hope to capture some fall foliage with the iPhone 11 Pro and my Fuji X-T2 for comparison.

      I’m shooting with a number of apps including the native app. I think this was captured using Halide. It’s was recommended from the App Store and I’m still learning how to use it. My goto app, however, is Adobe Lightroom Mobile. I process my iPhone images in Adobe Lightroom Classic on my iMac.

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