Deja Mi?

Deja Mi - Around mi

Deja Mi is described by the developer as:

... your best app for Exploring & Discovering your city and the world around you.

I started using the app. At first, it was nice seeing photos from around the area. But after seeing the tenth photo of a sampler from Triumph the novelty started to fade.

From the Foursquare website:

Foursquare helps you and your friends find great places and make the most of your visits. Get personalized recommendations, search for what you're craving.

Deja Mi - Capture

This is not an Instagram type photo-sharing app. This is a Foursquare type app with an emphasis on photography. The only thing lacking is retailer deals and mayorships.

##Around mi##

The app is location-centric. That means that photos are organized by towns, cities, neighbourhoods, buildings etc. You can follow a photographer or a venue.

Deja Mi may be a great app if you live in an area with exciting venues and good iPhoneographers. It sucks if you live near a college town. You will get a constant stream of chest shots of college women and college men stuffing their faces. I don't know how to change location. Perhaps it's buried somewhere in the app settings but for now, I am stuck watching the antics of Princeton University students.

Deja Mi - Peeps

##My Feed##

As I mentioned above on Deja Mi you can follow people or locations. E.g. I can follow the Princeton Public Library to see the photos that have been uploaded and geotagged with that location.

Deja Mi - My feed

The "My Feed" area of the app ( or web site ) is where you can see the photos taken at your favourite venues or the people you follow and their through their uploaded photos and videos. I think it's boring. If I subscribe to the Hoagie Haven feed what sort of photos do you think I'll see? It's a non-stop frat boy eating hoagie feed.

Deja Mi - My feed


Yes, the app has some.

Deja Mi - Photo

##Twitter and Facebook Sharing##

You can share your "check-ins" on Facebook or Twitter. Nothing else to tell you.



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