Osteria Procaccini

The air was warm for December and with all that is going on at the office (I'm on vacation but there were some organizational changes), I decided to take a walk along Route 27 in Kingston. I had hoped to get some photos of the Kingston Flour Mill House but the river water was quite high and rapid and the path through the forest was under water.

I continued walking along through Kingston until I got to the little mall housing some local shops one of which is Osteria Procaccini. My wife and I had attempted to eat here a few times before but we always seemed to come by when they are closed. I walked in an looked at the menu. I decided to sit and order lunch - it was about noon - but then changed my mind and decided to take my order to go. I had a chance to talk to the wait staff about the restaurant. It's not a pizzeria. So what is it?

The restaurant's menu describes an osteria thusly:

Osteria: a humble village eatery where a warm welcome awaits you

Well, I think that's true. The inside is non-pretentious - a welcome break from the stuffiness of Princeton - and the wait staff were quite friendly and tolerant of the many questions I had. The restaurant is family run and from the looks of the menu, they take great care to choose local organic and fresh ingredients for the food.

So what did I order and how was it? I ordered Tino’s Margherita Pizza and ate half the pie. I saved the other half for my kids. I enjoyed my pizza and I'll be back to try the Ruchetta e Prosciutto. I expect I'll be FourSquare mayor soon.

Author: Khürt Williams

A human who works in information security and enjoys photography, Formula 1 and craft ale.