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Day 92 , April 2, 2011 : Walking around

Day 92 , April 2, 2011 : Walking around D40 20110402 6988 920x611

After a week of “unfriendly” weather it was nice to have some warmth today. The sky was full of sun, the air temp was 50°F and I wanted to bask in the radioactive glow of Earth’s closes star. Parts of Princeton had snow last week so I took advantage of the weather to go out and get a little sun light.

I didn’t go far. I walked into my front yard, down the street to the neighbour’s home, crossed the street to the open lawn, walked a bit and crossed the street back into my front yard. Before I realised it had I had over 50 images on my memory card. Finding just the right one for this post was difficult. I decided on this one because the bright colours and the splayed petals reminded me of the sun. I hope we have another sunny day tomorrow.

Day 92 , April 2, 2011 : Walking around %name

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