Crocus at Sunset

By on April 7th, 2015 in Photography


I walked around the parking lot at the office looking for interesting images to capture for the project. But then l came home, stepped out of the car and noticed the evening sun light glowing off the small crocus growing in the front of the house that I knew I had my photo of the day. The crocus is considered a sure sign that spring is here. Despite my seasonal allergies -- I am allergic to almost every north North American plant including grass -- I love spring. I can't wait for the trees buds to open revealing the green hidden inside. I can hear the amphibians calling to each other at night and it reminds me of the sweet air of the rains forests of the Caribbean.

This is the image for my second day of The 100 Day Project.

NOTE: You may have noticed that I started the 100 Day Project one day early. Why? I wrote on the Day 1 post that my family and I witnessed the beautiful evening light that filtered through the branches of the trees on to the red barn located behind the 1860 House in Skillman. I went back the next evening and was lucky enough to capture what I had seen the day before. I love the resulting image so I decided to start a bit early.

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