Washington Street, Princeton Avenue and Crescent Avenue, Rocky Hill

Crescent Avenue, Rocky Hill, New Jersey

A few weeks ago while waiting for a response from my new client about my start date, I drove into Rocky Hill Borough for a latte from Buy the Cup. Buy the Cup has had various operators over the years. The current owner, Vitality, is a friendly Russian man, who probably knows more people in the area than the mayor. Whenever I visit we end up chatting about which coffee beans he is bringing into the store soon, local politics or POTUS.

As I exited the cafe, an elderly woman asked me about the camera and lens. We chatted about photography — hers and mine — about the neighbourhood, about the photographs we had taken of the First Reformed Church, the Rocky Hill Inn, and some of the other properties around the town. She gave me a history of some of the homes in the area and pointed out that some of the larger homes were in some state of disrepair.

After we said our goodbyes I walked to Crescent Street where I parked my car. On this trip, I had taken the Canon EOS 5D Mk III and Canon EF 70-200mm L USM II lens. The conversation with the elderly photography sparked my desire to capture a few photos along the intersection of the major streets in the borough.

Buy The Cup
Buy The Cup
Washington Street

Rocky Hill Inn Eatery & Tavern (Gastro Pub)
The Intersection
Princeton Avenue
Princeton Avenue
Princeton Avenue
Princeton Avenue
Crescent Avenue
Crescent Avenue, Rocky Hill, New Jersey
Crescent Avenue, Rocky Hill, New Jersey

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    Where will it lead?

    ? A section of the D&R Canal State Park trail between Rocky Hill and Kington has a tunnel that runs under Route 27/Main Street on the border with Kingston and Princeton. A few years ago I walked this section of the park as part of a longer walk from Griggstown in Franklin Township.I remember that the first time I saw this tunnel it felt a bit spooky when seen from a certain angle. One cannot see into the tunnel which, due to its length appears cavernous, and which makes disconcerting noises as the morning rush hour of cars drive by.


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