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> So often, we limit our exploration of our photography identity to just photography! Yet our lives and personality are much broader and richer than this narrow perspective....

> There really is no other YOU. You have a unique perspective because of the combination of inputs that you have in your life. Inputs such as: who you live with. Where you live. Your upbringing. Your particular talents in many different areas. Your interests. Your hobbies. Your beliefs. Your education. Your friends. Your life adventures. Your unique weaknesses or life challenges. All the good and bad influences of our life come together to create a one and only unique output: YOU. No one else has your specific ingredient list that makes you who you are. Isn’t this fascinating?

Source: [FuelYourPhotography](

I was talking with another photographer last night and he mentioned that people have told him that his photography has a distinctive style.  He didn't set out to create a style it just happened.  His style found him.  That hasn't happened to me yet — at least I haven't been told my photos have a style.  I feel my photography lacks a cohesion.  I do try though to hook my photographs to a story.  This isn't something unique to me though.  I'm just channeling the style of [+Jorge Qinteros]( and others.


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